Google seems to have partnered with major operators including Level3, Neustar and Global crossing. Most of these companies are probably helping them with PSTN interconnectivity, rate center coverage and LNP, CNAM types of services.
Obviously Google is not looking to create its own telecom network. The intensions are quite obvious that they want to include telecom into their cloud that at present does pretty much everything. Now whether they want to include end user voice/video access or just remain focused on the cloud intelligence is debatable. First, if they do offer end user voice access, they will become a VoIP provider like Skype (why not buy Skype?). That will invite rules, regulations and scuffles with telcos that Google don’t want to get into. Second, it takes a while to build a robust customer support platform. It took years for Skype to be where it is today.

However it won’t be surprising if Google integrates its voice service with existing voice and video chat service. Then tightly integrate Gmail with Gvoice. Build Gvoice add-ons with its chrome browser and android OS. Enable click to call on Blogger, Orkut, and the newly hyped Gwave. The possibilities are endless for the cash rich company. And there are no apparent reasons why it won’t pursue those.

In my last post I purposely left out the discussion regarding the Google Voice’s support of actual end clients; as it’s a whole new discussion. Also I want to make it clear, that Google Voice service will ultimately drive more traffic for carriers and put more dimes into the pocket to the telcos. Who stand to lose out (not immediately though) are the companies which play in the cloud hosted services industry, either for consumers or enterprises (if Google apps can do it, so can Google voice).


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